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Mural of punk rocker

Why We Love 伍斯特

伍斯特 is a midsize city with big-city rhythms and spirit. This is a place of energy, opportunity, and attitude that you’ll want to explore, then make your own. Fueled by a $500 million downtown development project and its bustling 运河地区, 伍斯特 is experiencing an economic and physical transformation. New retail, restaurants, and residential spaces have invigorated the city and its residents.

Main South street with cars


Our Neighborhood

Clark is proud to be located in 伍斯特’s Main South neighborhood, a richly diverse and tightly knit community that has reimagined itself thanks to a dynamic partnership between the University and the city. Our students are not just visitors to Main South — they are participants, 贡献者, and good neighbors.

street shot of cars parked

The place to be


This booming area has evolved into one of the city’s hippest hangouts, a place to hear great 音乐, enjoy ethnic food, and experience the good times 伍斯特 has to offer. A stone’s throw from Clark, the 运河地区 is a treat to visit during daylight hours, but the fun really starts after dark.

shrewsbury street night shot


Shrewsbury Street

Everybody’s gotta eat, and Shrewsbury Street is where you’ll find exactly what you’re craving. 伍斯特’s “Restaurant Row” boasts more than 40 establishments whose offerings range from fine-dining to ethnic cuisine to diner meat loaf, 都在1以内.5 delicious miles. Bring your appetite.

How do you pronounce "伍斯特"?

How Do You Pronounce ‘伍斯特’?

Named for a city in England, 伍斯特 was incorporated in 1722. 人 have been mispronouncing it ever since. Learn how people pronounce “伍斯特” nowadays. 学生, faculty, and staff demonstrate.

Discover Central 麻萨诸塞州